Apollo Tubing

Medical tubing is used for fluid management and drainage as well as with anesthesiology and respiratory equipment, IVs, catheters, peristaltic pumps, and biopharmaceutical laboratory equipment.

Disinfectant surface wipes

This all-purpose disinfecting wipe is tailored for anti-bacterial cleaning of virtually any hard surface. Premoistened with a bleach-free, alcohol-free and non-staining formula, these disinfectant wipes are effective against VRE, tuberculosis, HIV-1 and a number of other forms of bacteria. Suited for convenient anti-bacterial, all-purpose cleaning in grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, kennels, health clubs and more

High-Pressure Syringes

Contrast media Injector Syringes:

200/100ml syringe kits + Included is 1500mm coiled T tube with 2 check valves and 2 spikes

200ml syringe kit + Included 1500mm coiled tube + 1 spike

100ml syringe kit + includes 1500mm coiled tube + 1 spike

100ml syringe

Ultrasound Probe Wipes

Alcohol-free, ready to use disinfection wipes for rapid disinfection and cleaning of alcohol sensitive medical devices, medical invent¬ory and all kinds of other alcohol sensitive surfaces. Especially suitable for alcohol sensitive medical devices, e.g. ultrasound heads of probes for vaginal and abdominal examinations.

A practicable solution for rapid cleaning and disinfecting of ultrasound heads of probes for vaginal and abdominal examinations has not been available for years.

In daily practice the following problems appear:
In most medical facilities do not perform a disinfection by immersion between examinations due to time restraints (long exposure times of instrument disinfectants and complex reprocessing procedures).